#WeBuildWednesdays Episode 26: Chatbots & Conversational Marketing w/ Drift

What’s up!? Happy Wednesday. Mike Norris here. Today, I’m going to talk to you guys a little bit about chatbots. Recently,  we’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about chatbots. We actually partnered up with a company called Drift that I’ll tell you about it a little bit.

Saving the Marketing World One Chatbot at a Time

If you’re looking at someone’s website, and really the only ways of getting in contact with them are to pick up the phone or fill out a form on the site, that’s kind of the equivalent of going into the App Store, let’s say, and having to make an appointment to speak with someone. Or if you call and talk to someone but they’re like, “Well, you have to make an appointment to talk to me.”

A chatbot, on the other hand, is a little bit different. That’s like going into a store, someone comes up to you right away, and says, “Hey, can I help you? Now what can I help you with? What are you looking for?” You can walk them through it. At any point, you can pop in, you can take control of the conversation. So chatbots are really great. They’re nice and automated. They’re almost like an automated salesperson on your website that’s working on the leads that come in and 80 percent of people have recently said that they’re in favor of chatbots. A lot of people think that chatbots might need some work and that people need to improve the quality of their chatbots, but that’s easily done.

Conversational Marketing Partner: Drift LeadBot to the Rescue

So what I wanted to talk to you about today was a chatbot called Drift and it’s more than just a chatbot. I feel bad calling it that because they don’t call themselves that. They see themselves as a “conversational marketing partner” but they’ve got a portion of Drift that’s known as LeadBot and that’s what you’re seeing on my screen right here. So people can come in, they can route the conversations for you if you wanted to route it to a salesperson. It’ll put your salesperson’s calendar in there. They can pick up a meeting on your salesperson’s calendar and will also qualify the lead for you, all that kind of great stuff.

I wanted to show you what it looks like in action because I think that’s probably the biggest decision maker here. So, looking at the Youtech site down here on the bottom, that would be Drift. Here’s my nice little image; I hope you like that. So I click on Drift and boom: here comes Youtech Helper. You always want to name it something like that, not Youtech Helper, but you want to name it so that people know it’s a bot. You want them to know they’re not talking to an actual, real person because that just changes their expectations. So that’s the best practice.

Drift: The Breakdown

But I want to show you how this works a little bit. So let’s say I selected “Absolutely.” I want to see how Youtech can help me achieve my goals and what’s going to come up is “Are you interested in more design?” Here we go, here are the notifications: marketing, design, and development, PR, whatever… Let’s go with marketing and, just so you know, the way we structured this, if you look at the Youtech website, these are pretty much all of our major top-level categories that some people go through. So now that I picked marketing—I’m in digital marketing and traditional marketing because they’re all put together in here so people can look at different things—let’s say SEO. “You want to see a package?” “Check on a case study?” “Talk to an expert?” Let’s say I want to see a package and see what happens… Alright, so boom click this link. It will take you to our SEO page. On that page, you can see our packages. If you’ve already seen it, or you want to check out the case study, pick one of these and boom, here’s what we did for a client of ours, Pool in Floor, with our SEO and then boom, there’s the app. You sold me. I’ll talk to your narrowed expert.

“We’ll be calling shortly!” It’s already got my information so it didn’t ask me but normally, at this point, it would ask for my phone number and my email address. What will happen is it will qualify people so, if they put it a Gmail, it’ll prompt them again and it’ll say you wanted your business email addresses. Could you please provide us with that? Like I said, there are a lot of different things you can do. So you can put in a calendar of some sort so they can book meetings with you directly—we took that out because we didn’t want people just setting up meetings with us. We want to find out if they’re qualified or not beforehand, so we want things to be a little bit more on our terms. We just respond to people nice and quick.

Every now and then, you’ll see our team members come in on these chats and start talking to people. But that’s what we’re looking at. The back end of Drift is really nice and clean. You can see all of our different conversations here. This one’s me. I’m already logged in as I said, so it didn’t ask for my information. You can see all the different people you’ve got in here. You can see your playbooks. The playbook that we created goes on every page of the website and it’s kind of huge, so it might take a little second to load here.

Every Great Hero Has a Backstory

While it does that, Drift was created by some of the founders of HubSpot, which is a huge name in the marketing game. We use their CRM here — I’ve actually had it open in this tab—and Drift will integrate with HubSpot so that any leads you fill out with your information in this Drift form, they also get popped right into our HubSpot automatically. Of course, we’ve got the forms on our website, our phone numbers all hooked up into HubSpot, too, so everything gets filtered at the HubSpot on our site and everything gets filtered through Google Analytics on our site, as well. So, again, if someone completes this on Drift, it shows up as a goal in our Google Analytics. We can then see what source they originally came from, so it counts as a lead pretty much the way that anything else would.

Drift: Always Doing the Most

So it’s a great tool. There’s a lot more you can do with it. You can create a custom landing page that’s an entire conversation. You can do things that are account-based marketing. Really what we’re using it for is just very basic stuff. You can make it so that people who have previously been to your website, they see something different. You could make it so that if someone is on any specific page of your site, they might see a different bot. During different business hours, different people might see different things. Depending on what channel they come from, they might see different things, so you can really do a lot of different stuff here. Like I said, the flow that I’ve set up here for Youtech is absolutely huge. I’ve got one thing in here for each of our different services with an attached case study of all the packages and a CTA to talk to an expert at any point if they want to. You really want to sequence them up to like five to six messages max, so mine’s kind of a little bit of a long side, but I just wanted to be thorough. I wanted to put something on our site and I wanted to match it with our site architecture.

We Can Be Your Heroes, Baby

Thank you guys for your time today! If you’re interested at all in Drift, we can help you get it set up. We can show you a demo of what that might look like on your website, as well, and the guys over at Drift are great. I mean, they’re awesome. They sent us a shirt right here from Drift. They’re awesome people, they’re super friendly and always keeping us up-to-date on things that are going on in the marketing world. We interact with them quite a bit on LinkedIn, and if you want to join in on the fun, feel free. If not, that’s okay too!

Happy Wednesday, guys.

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