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If marketing is a journey, Michael and Wilbur are two steadfast explorers. Join them as they tackle all aspects of what running an agency is like and how marketing is changing in today’s world. Each episode is different—but every single one is worth your while.

Like your favorite marketing book. But better.

You can ditch the A/B testing. At Youtalk, they’ve been there, done that. And they’re here to share the results.

Wilbur and Michael have conducted hundreds of campaigns, launched dozens of strategies, and have read just about every marketing article and book out there. You’re getting top-tier knowledge in an easy-to-understand format.

Better than a marketing book and friendlier than your boss, listen to Youtalk and learn all about:

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Wilbur and Norris conduct interviews with some of the top marketers and executives of our time. No industry is too small or too large. From the world of industrial metal to the HR field, they’ve talked to the people that have built empires in their respective industries. Take a deep dive into the minds of these successful leaders to learn how you can supercharge your own success.

Marketing Trends.

Marketing trends? They’re on it. Wilbur and Michael are your new go-to for staying in the know about all the latest trends. Whether it’s talking about what the Metaverse actually is to exploring the newest e-commerce platforms, they’ve got you covered on all things trendy—when it comes to marketing, that is.

Business Tips.

Wilbur started Youtech with just $600 in his bank account. Now, it’s a multi-million dollar agency working with some of the biggest names around. Michael went from copywriter to CMO in less than 6 years. Together, they both have a slew of tips they’re ready to share. From building out email sequences to managing teams, when you need helpful business tips, you know who to go to.

Meet the Hosts.

Wilbur You

Wilbur You.

Winner of Forbes 30 Under 30
Author of Happy. Humble. Motivated.
CEO and Founder of Youtech
Mike Norris

Michael Norris.

Responsible for thousands of marketing campaigns
Conducted live interviews with 100+ marketing experts
CMO of Youtech

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