#WeBuildWednesdays Episode 60: Landing Page Best Practices

Creating Cohesive and Conversion-Focused Landing Pages Mike Norris: What’s going on guys, happy Wednesday! I’ve got Nate, our creative director and Tarik, our director of paid advertising at Youtech. We're all at home in quarantine but we’re still coming at you this Wednesday! Fun fact: I’m actually on an exercise...

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#WeBuildWednesdays Episode 25: Why Choose WordPress?

Benefits of Choosing WordPress as Your CMS What’s going on, guys!? Mike Norris here again for another episode of #WeBuildWednesdays. Today I'm going to talk to you about why WordPress is the best CMS but, before I do that, I'm going to introduce you to Lauren, our COO. Now you're...

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#WeBuildWednesdays Episode 22: Free Landing Page Grader Tool

Optimize for Conversions What’s up, guys!? Mike Norris here. Today, we’re going to look at landing pages and determine if they’re set up optimally for conversions. A Quality Landing Page This is a company I just found. I randomly did a search for golf lessons near me because I suck...

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