5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need a CRM

5 reasons why you absolutely need a CRM to improve your customer relationships 

As your business grows, you may start to wonder if a CRM (customer relationship management) is right for you.

Well, let’s see. 

Has a sales rep ever left your company? Have you ever had an unsatisfied customer? Or maybe even a happy one? Any long term accounts? Incidents? If you answered yes to any of the following, chances are, you’re outgrowing that Excel spreadsheet.

Think about all the different lines of communication occurring with prospects, customers, and employees on a daily basis. CRMs such as Hubspot, Salesforce, and Freshsales allow you to keep track of, evaluate, and improve your relationships effectively. 

And here’s how: 


Your customer service is coming up short or going well

When it comes to fostering brand loyalty, excellent customer service ranked number one among consumers. More than ever, customer care is a vital part of your company and can make or break a brand’s success. 

That’s where a CRM comes in. Whether you’re experiencing doses of amazing customer service or not-so-great customer interactions, CRMs give you the opportunity to look back on conversations you’re having with customers and ask: what did that communication look like? What went wrong? What went right? CRMs provide full visibility of your sales pipeline and allow you to effectively monitor case flow. This helps create a better model of communication that forecasts your customer’s needs. 


You need to cut down on admin tasks 

Your sales reps’ main goal should be closing deals, not wasting time on admin tasks. CRMs allow your team to reduce and even take away repetitive tasks that soak up time. 

With its streamlined features, a CRM platform can perform functions such as notifying your sales rep the moment a prospect visits your website or opens an email from your team. These time-saving tools can give your salesperson the information they need to follow up on prospects at the right time. It also opens an easier line of communication by making connections with prospects efficient with click-to-call operations, free meeting scheduling, live chat, email templates, and more. 


You need safe storage space

No more shuffling through files to locate the information your sales reps need. CRMs are certified storage platforms that allow you to safely and securely store scheduled plans, thousands of sales contacts, sales opportunities, and more. 

No lost data, and for many CRMs, no limited user-access. 


You’re struggling to keep up with lead flow

Your business is growing. More and more prospects are converting. You couldn’t be happier. But with the intake of customers comes an unorganized lead flow. 

The right CRM system will help you stay organized by sorting and prioritizing your leads so sales reps respond to prospects punctually. Another benefit—you never have to manually update reports again. CRMs allow you to update detailed reports digitally so you can effectively keep track of your sales team’s performance. 


You have long-term accounts that need management.

Almost every company has long-term customers, and it’s your job to continuously groom these relationships and maintain brand loyalty. CRM systems are great for keeping up with long-term accounts because it sends you reminders on important events and milestones from your most cherished customers. This gives your team a timely reminder to show your appreciation to your clients and may even provide opportunities for upselling. 

More specifically, if you have organizations as clients, you can keep track of individuals within that group. This allows you to personalize your customer experience and sustain a strong relationship.

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