HVAC SEO Tips: 5 Ways to Rank on the First Page of Google

HVAC SEO Tips: 5 Ways to Rank on the First Page of Google

Although traditional types of campaigns such as newspaper advertisements and billboards can be effective, it’s time to transition your marketing efforts to the 21st century. A countless number of companies in the HVAC industry are adopting new types of marketing mediums including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, and Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC). When a homeowner’s air conditioner fails in the middle of the summer, the first thing they do is conduct a Google search for local heating and air conditioning companies. To ensure customers find your company, we have compiled a list of 5 useful HVAC SEO tips to help you rank on the first page of Google.

Create Pages to Discuss Your HVAC Services

The easiest way to attract customers to your business is to develop pages that discuss the heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality services you offer. An average HVAC company will have pages on their website that discuss the repair and installation services offered for central air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, and boilers. These pages are designed to give customers information about your solutions, warranties, certifications, awards, insurance, and pricing.

Use Each Page to Educate Consumers on Common Problems in the Industry

Prior to creating a successful SEO campaign to reach consumers, marketers, and business owners need to be familiar with the ordinary problems in the industry. For example, a common issue that homeowners deal with in the winter is a broken electric igniter in a hot surface ignition system of a furnace.

Other types of problems encountered by homeowners include cracked heat exchangers, damaged ball bearings, and loose fan belts. To receive help with furnace problems, customers use search engines such as Google and Bing to find local heating and air conditioning companies. To ensure you appear on the first page of Google for popular keywords, it’s important to create pages on your website that are dedicated to describing the services you offer.

Essential Pages To Have On A HVAC Website

  • Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Pages
  • Furnace Repair & Replacement Pages
  • Heat Pump Maintenance Pages
  • Boiler Tune-Up & Replacement Pages
  • Ductless Mini-Split Installation Pages
  • Humidifier Repair & Installation Pages
  • Indoor Air Quality Pages

Develop Local Landing Pages

Half of the goal of your SEO campaign is to obtain the first spot in Google to direct customers to your HVAC website. On the other hand, attracting users to your website is not enough to get customers to call you or fill out a contact form. The other half of your goal is to educate your customers on the cities and suburbs to which your organization provides services. An effective way to improve your HVAC and water restoration marketing campaigns is to create local landing pages for the cities, counties, and states you offer services to.

Components of a Successful Local Landing Page

A local landing page should include a map that outlines the cities and counties to which you offer services. In addition, the page should feature summaries of your repair and installation services for furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, and heat pumps. Discuss the brands and models of furnaces or air conditioners your team is qualified to fix. Below is an example of a clear and concise headline, image, and content that describe the HVAC repair services offered by a local heating and air conditioning company in Florida.


Components of a successful local landing page


The Importance of Using Call-to-Actions on a Local Landing Page

In addition, the next step to creating a successful local SEO campaign is to add call-to-action elements to your local landing page to boost phone calls, form submissions, and conversions.

Below is an example of a call-to-action element from a local heating company that is designed to promote appointments and phone calls. Other components of a successful local landing page include images, headlines, buttons, internal links, videos, and infographics.


HVAC Call to action


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Write Informative Blog Posts

The first step of developing an SEO strategy for an HVAC company is to develop pages on your website that discuss your solutions and the neighborhoods to which you offer services. Next, a way for you to enhance your marketing is to create blog posts that are designed to answer questions your customers have about air conditioners, furnaces, air ducts, humidifiers, and other types of systems.

Popular Heating & Cooling Questions Users Type In Google

  • What Size Furnace Do I Need | 1,800 Monthly Searches
  • How Does An Air Conditioner Work | 2,500 Monthly Searches
  • How Long Does a Furnace Last | 2,100 Monthly Searches
  • How to Clean Air Conditioner | 2,000 Monthly Searches
  • Heat Pump Vs Furnace | 3,400 Monthly Searches
  • Furnace vs Boiler | 1,100 Monthly Searches

The six Google searches above display the types of questions customers have before they contact a local HVAC company. If a customer is searching ‘what size furnace do I need’ on Google, they are in the beginning stages of the sales funnel and are researching new energy-efficient furnaces for their households.

To ensure the customer chooses your company to install a new furnace, you will need to write a blog post that discusses the latest furnaces on the market and the advantages of working with your HVAC company. Developing unique blog posts is a great way to enhance your SEO campaigns.


Get Started with HVAC SEO


Create or Claim a Google My Business Listing

Although it’s important to optimize your HVAC website by creating new service pages, blog posts, and local landing pages, the importance of creating and maintaining a local listing on Google cannot be underestimated. In many cases, a local listing on Google My Business will generate more sessions, impressions, and phone calls than your website. To help you enhance your SEO campaigns, we have created a list of tips for HVAC companies to follow on Google.

Set Your Business Categories

To boost your search engine rankings in Google, set your Business Categories in Google My Business. Available Categories for HVAC companies include ‘Furnace Repair Service’ and ‘HVAC Contractor.’ Select the Business Categories that represent the services you offer for air conditioners, boilers, and furnaces.

Other Available Business Categories in Google My Business

  • Air Conditioning Repair Service
  • Air Conditioning Contractor
  • Furnace Repair Service
  • HVAC Contractor
  • Heating Contractor
  • Appliance Repair Service
  • Air Duct Cleaning Service

Once you select all of the Business Categories that apply to your HVAC company, you will start to rank in Google for popular keywords. Below is a picture of companies that rank on the first page of Google for the keyword ‘Furnace Repair.’


Google my business


Set Your Service Areas

Use the Service Areas option in Google My Business to specify the neighborhoods, counties, cities, and states your HVAC company offers services to. Once you select the Service Areas field, a dialog box will appear that will allow you to choose a maximum of 20 service areas for your business.


Google My Business Set your service areas


Add Operating Hours to Your Listing

When a furnace fails in the middle of winter, a customer is searching for a local heating and air conditioning company that is available to perform an emergency repair. An effective way to increase the total number of clicks your Google My Business listing receives is to add the hours your HVAC company is available. To set your hours in Google My Business, select the Hours option and fill out the fields in the dialog box.


Google My Business operating hours


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Publish Your Services on Google

Adding your services to your Google My Business listing is an excellent way to educate your customers on the types of services you provide and enhance your SEO efforts. Select the Services field in Google My Business and click on each of the options that pertain to your business.


Google My Business Services


Business Description, Website, & Images

The easiest way for HVAC companies to strengthen their marketing efforts on Google My Business is to add a Business Description. Your description should discuss your qualifications to repair air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and other types of systems. Add information about when your HVAC company was established.

When a customer is bombarded with hundreds of HVAC listings in Google, a single image is worth a thousand words. Add images of your friendly technicians, trucks, equipment, clients, and office to your Google My Business listing. In addition, add your logo to promote your brand to customers.


Drive More Leads With HVAC Google Ads


Add Structured Data to Your Website

The easiest way to obtain rich snippets and search results in Google is to add structured data to your website. Inserting structured data will help search engines understand the content and data on your website. For example, a local HVAC company can improve their SEO campaigns by adding schema data that is designed to inform Google about services that are available to customers such as furnace repair, air conditioner replacement, boiler installation, or furnace installation.

Steps to Add Structured Data to Your HVAC Website:

1.) Add structured data to your website to inform Google about your industry. In this example, you will want to add ‘HVAC’ schema data to your pages. Below is a list of types of data that you can add to your website to help search engines understand your business.

Types of Schema Data 

  • HVAC Business Data
  • Plumber Data
  • General Contractor Data
  • Local Business Data
  • Emergency Service Data

2.) Once you have added ‘HVAC’ schema data to your website, the next step to enhance the SEO of your HVAC website is to add ‘Service’ structured data to your website. ‘Service’ schema data is an easy way to inform Google about the services you offer, such as furnace repair, heat pump maintenance, and air conditioner installation.

Service Schema Data Allows You to Specify the Following Information to Google

  • Service Name
  • Service Type
  • Awards
  • Service Category
  • Descriptions
  • Photos Of Your Team
  • Pages On Your Website

3.) To ensure your HVAC website appears on the first page of Google for questions your customers have, you will need to add ‘Blog Post’ structured data to your website. This type of data will help Google understand the subject of your Article

Blog Post Structured Data Allows You To Submit The Following Information To Google

  • Blog Headline
  • Author Name
  • Images in Your Article
  • Publish Date of the Blog Post
  • Modification Date of the Article
  • Publisher
  • Publisher Logo
  • Blog Post Description

Types of Pages to Create for Your HVAC Website

Heating & Furnace Pages

The term ‘Furnace Repair’ receives an average of 31,000 searches per month on Google in the United States from consumers that are having trouble turning on their furnace. The easiest way to reach this audience of people is to build a brand new page on your website that discusses the furnace services you offer. Give customers an overview of the replacement parts you stock, refund policies, and warranties. Or, build your confidence with customers by discussing the number of years you have been in the HVAC industry.

Things to Discuss on a Heating Page:

  • Available Warranties
  • Types of Furnaces, Such as Gas, Electric, & Oil
  • Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) Ratings
  • Components of a Furnace (Burners, Heat Exchanger, Pilot Light, Electric Igniter, Blower Motor, Exhaust Pipe)
  • Ordinary Furnace Problems & How to Fix Them

Cooling & Air Conditioning Pages

To reach homeowners that need help resolving a problem with an air conditioner, you will need to build a new page on your website that discusses the services you offer for central and ductless air conditioning systems. For example, the term ‘Air Conditioning Service’ achieves over 9,500 searches per month on Google. To secure your spot on the first page of Google for this term, you will need to create a new page that discusses the repair and replacement services your company offers.

The page should include information that discusses efficiency ratings, air conditioner sizes, and common problems. Customers that are searching for professional air conditioning services online are looking to become familiar with metrics and concepts such as tonnage, seasonal energy efficiency ratings (SEER), or British thermal units (BTUs). To help you build a successful SEO campaign for air conditioners, we have created a list of content ideas for the brand new page of your website.

Topics to Discuss on an Air Conditioner Page

  • Operational Procedures of Single-Stage, Two-Stage, & Variable Speed Compressors
  • Types of Air Conditioner Noises & How To Fix Them
  • Benefits of Investing in a New Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner
  • Causes of Air Conditioner Odors & How to Eliminate Them
  • Average Cost of a Central Air Conditioner
  • Types of Problems That Cause a Compressor to Fail
  • Popular Air Conditioner Brands & Models

Heat Pump Pages

The term ‘Heat Pump System’ receives a total of 9,300 searches on Google in the United States. This keyword is used by customers that are searching for dependable repair or installation services for their broken heat pump. In addition, the term ‘Heat Pump System’ is used by consumers that are in the beginning stages of purchasing a new system.

The key to earning the first position on Google for the term ‘Heat Pump System’ is to develop a page for your website that discusses the repair and maintenance services you offer for heat pumps. This new page can include information about your warranties, licenses, money-back guarantees, emergency fees, awards, and pricing.

Topics to Discuss On A Heat Pump Page

  • Ordinary Types of Heat Pump Problems
  • Operational Procedures of a Heat Pump
  • Components (Compressor, Coils, Reversing Valve, Control Board, Refrigerant Pipes, Expansion Valve)
  • Steps of a Professional Heat Pump Repair Appointment
  • Types of Heat Pumps (Air-Source & Water-Source)

Digital Marketing & SEO Services

If you are looking to promote your business to new customers on Google and other search engines, give the team of specialists at our HVAC SEO company a call by phone at (630) 857-9545. Youtech is a digital marketing and development agency that’s committed to the success of your business.

Our staff provides comprehensive home service digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), web design, and social media management. Our team of SEO professionals has the tools and skills necessary to boost the total number of phone calls and conversions you receive each month from customers. We will showcase your brand to the world to ensure you receive high-quality leads and customers.


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