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What’s the difference between PPC and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

PPC ads are paid results on the top or right of the search engine result page (SERP). They also have an “ad” icon next to them. Through search engine optimization (SEO), organic search results can appear high in the SERPs to make sure the right result appears in front of the target audience. 

How does Youtech ensure good PPC performance?

After the onboarding process, the PPC specialist on the account has a series of recurring checks to ensure the account is optimizing towards the client’s goals. The specialist is constantly communicating with the account project manager with findings and recommendations to keep the account on pace. 

Why should I advertise on PPC?

– Flexible budgeting capabilities
– Limitless targeting options, including hyper audience targeting (remarketing and custom audiences)
– Insightful data points traditional marketing channels cannot provide
– The ability to appear over organic search results
– The ability to appear where the client’s competitors are serving ads
– Google Ads campaigns optimize toward unique business objectives
– Appear when potential customers are actively searching for a client’s brand or product/service

How does PPC targeting work?

Depending on the campaign type, the campaign will use a keyword or audience-based targeting strategy. Keyword targeting includes a list of brand and product/service keywords that drive potential users to convert. With the target buyer persona in mind, the PPC team can also create an audience-based targeting strategy for non-search campaigns. 

Where can my ads serve geographically?

Anywhere! PPC campaigns can serve in any US state and even internationally. We can even have clients’ ads appear in specific zip codes. The PPC team can analyze where the client’s products/services perform the best geographically and maximize profits. Then the team can present opportunities to scale out to other geographic markets. 

How does Youtech track the revenue or leads PPC brings?

Through the Google Analytics platform, the PPC team can track website traffic and conversions (leads and sales). PPC can also integrate most CRM platforms into the PPC campaigns. Integrations make tracking complex sales cycles easier and give proper attribution to the campaigns. The integrations can also help the campaigns optimize toward high-quality leads. 

How can PPC reach my business goals?

The Youtech sales team will meet with the client to better understand their sales process, business goals, and pain points with digital marketing. With this information, the PPC team can find the best campaign types and PPC targeting capabilities that will optimize their goals. Each PPC campaign will have an objective that aligns with the overall strategy.

What’s a good starting budget?

Budgets vary by industry; some keywords cost more than others depending on the value of the sale (cost per click). However, the PPC team uses keyword tools to provide average CPCs and industry conversion rates. With these keyword insights, the PPC team can find the optimum budget for the client’s business goals.

What is PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a digital marketing model in which advertisers pay a fee every time an ad is clicked. There are different forms of PPC but they’re commonly utilized in the search engine, website display, video, and app campaigns.

Google advertising is the most common form of PPC. Utilizing keywords, ad copy, targeting, and budget, ads are positioned to attract relevant users to engage and convert with a given website or company.

What is bidding strategy? Why is it important?

“Bidding strategy is an option set at the campaign level. It essentially tells Google how to bid and what to prioritize.

There are two categories of bidding strategy: manual bidding and automated bidding. Manual bidding is setting CPC max bids at the campaign, ad group, or keyword level and focuses on click through. Automated bidding is allowing Google to control the bid based on a multitude of factors Smart bidding is the most commonly used which is a subset of automated bidding.

It’s important because it allows Google to optimize our bids towards users who will convert, towards users that will convert with a higher value, or focus on elements outside of click through.”

What types of campaigns can PPC launch?

“There are multiple types of campaigns we can launch and utilize to drive results. Below is each type and a brief summary:

Search – Target users using Google, Bing, or other search engines with text ads to drive users to the website and convert.
Display – Show image/animated ads across the web in specific placements to drive awareness, consideration, or retarget previous users.
Video – Utilize in-stream video and other ads on Youtube and Video partners to inform, drive, or retarget
Discovery – Similar to Display/Social ads, show image/animated ads within the Google app.
Shopping – Display products within Google search and Shopping to push ecommerce efforts and drive sales
Local – Utilize search, display, video, and Maps to drive foot traffic to B&M locations
App – Promote your IOS or Android App to a relevant audience and drive downloads
Performance Max – Utilize all Google channels and inventory and allow Google to freely use any medium to drive action to your business.”

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