How Increase the Conversion Rate on Your Website

How Increase the Conversion Rate on Your Website

how to increase conversion rate

According to recent statistics, your website’s conversion rate could drop by up to 7% for every extra second of site load time. A poor user experience can also scare 50% of your visitors away. They might decide to hire competing companies in the area instead.

Before that can happen, use these tips to improve your digital marketing efforts with a better website. Improving your website can help you attract and engage more clients. Then, you can generate more leads and book more appointments.

As the foundation of your digital marketing strategy, your website is essential to your success. Read on to learn more!

1. Improve the User Experience

Remember, offering a negative user experience (UX) will encourage people to hire your competitors. In fact, 88% of people won’t return to a site after a bad experience. Nearly 50% of people get annoyed with bad mobile optimization. Meanwhile, 44% of visitors will tell their friends about a negative online experience, which could impact your brand’s reputation.

A positive UX will ensure your site is easy to use and navigate. Visitors will have an easier time finding the information they need as a result.

A positive UX on your website will boost your organic search engine rankings, too. Google prioritizes mobile-optimized sites that offer the best experiences. It also looks for sites that appeal to its Core Web Vitals (user-centric ranking factors).

To improve the user experience on your site, start by running it through Google’s PageSpeed Insights. Make sure your site is both fast and mobile optimized. Add an SSL certificate to ensure your site is secure, too.

You can also:

  • Add negative space to give content room to breathe
  • Improve the navigation
  • Simplify your forms
  • Add a chatbot
  • Remove unnecessary third-party scripts
  • Choose better web hosting
  • Break larger pieces of content into sections
  • Use contrasting colors

If you’re struggling to improve the UX on your site, hire an experienced digital marketing company that offers web design and web development services. With their help, you can improve the UX to keep visitors engaged and exploring.

2. Add Multiple Conversion Opportunities

Remember, your website will work as the foundation for other digital marketing strategies, including your ability to generate leads. Make sure you’re giving visitors multiple ways to reach you online.

First, optimize your website’s Contact Us page. Make sure to include your name, address, and phone number. Add a form and encourage visitors to contact you with questions.

You can also use a lead magnet to generate leads.

Offer visitors an exclusive coupon code on their first service in exchange for their email address. Otherwise, encourage them to subscribe to a newsletter or download an eBook.

Once you start generating subscribers, make sure to nurture those leads. Continue sending emails to remain top of mind with your audience. Use a call to action in your emails to bring them back to your site in the future.

3. Fix Your Formsincrease website conversions with forms

Once you start adding forms to your website, make sure they’re optimized for a positive user experience. First, don’t include unnecessary fields. Too many fields might discourage visitors from completing the form.

Consider adding required fields (like the visitor’s name, phone number, and email).

Once people complete the form, direct them to a thank you page.

Consider where you position your forms on your website, too. For example, you might want to keep your forms above the fold. That way, visitors will have easy access to the form without having to search for it.

4. Share Helpful Content

To boost conversions on your website, you first need to generate traffic. Start by sharing helpful content on your company blog.

First, gather keyword research. Determine what keywords consumers use to find your business. Then, use your keyword research to create content based on their search habits.

You can create different posts—blogs, eBooks, infographics, videos, and polls.

Then, optimize each post for search engine optimization (SEO). SEO can help your website rank higher on search engines like Google. Improving your organic rankings will help more people find you online.

Make sure to end each post with a CTA. For example, you can direct readers to your website’s contact page or a form in the footer.

5. Use a Pop-Up

Adding a pop-up to your website can also boost your conversion rate.

Try different offers (like premium content or a coupon) to determine which offer generates more leads. Put a 30-second delay on the pop-up to give visitors a chance to view the page content first. Make sure it’s easy for people to close the pop-up, too.

6. Improve Your CTAs

If you want to improve your digital marketing efforts, consider your call to action language. The best CTA is clear, concise, and compelling.

Make sure your CTA buttons stand out by using contrasting colors between the button and text.

7. Add a Chatbot

Further improve the UX on your site by adding a helpful chatbot to your pages. Chatbots can direct visitors to specific pages and answer their questions. Visitors will have an easier time finding what they need.

You might have an easier time converting those visitors into leads as a result.

8. Feature Testimonials

Testimonials can boost your brand’s reputation. Consumers might decide to trust your company after reading client reviews.

You can use a plugin to direct Google Business reviews straight to your site.

9. Start A/B Testing

As you begin using these digital marketing tips, consider A/B testing your efforts. For example, you can test different buttons, images, and CTAs. A/B testing can help you determine which elements help boost your conversion rate.

10. Hire an Agency

If your conversion rate isn’t improving, consider hiring an experienced digital marketing company. You can leverage their experience and expertise to develop more effective campaigns. With their help, you can boost your conversion rate and ROI.

Quick Conversions: Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy Today

Help more clients than ever before! With these tips, you can improve your website and marketing efforts. Then, you can improve your ROI and start expanding your business.

Remember, you don’t have to make these changes alone. An experienced digital marketing company can help.

Ready to meet your potential? Schedule a call with our team today to get started.

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