Top 3 Google Business Profile SEO Tips for Plumbers

Top 3 Google Business Profile SEO Tips for Plumbers

Top 3 Google Business Profile SEO Tips for PlumbersOver the next ten years, the number of plumbers is expected to grow by over 80,000. As the plumbing industry continues to grow, competition is becoming tougher. To stay ahead of the game, local plumbers need to focus on implementing innovative plumbing SEO and digital marketing strategies. To help you reach local homeowners, we have created an outline of the top 3 ways to optimize your Google Business Profile listing for better local SEO results.

An area of SEO that is vital to plumbing is local SEO. The best way to optimize your local SEO is to start with your Google Business Profile listing. This is what customers are going to see when they search for plumbing services in their area.

Ways for Local Plumbing Companies to Optimize their Google Listings

1. Keep Your Business Information Accurate on Your Google Listing

To start your optimization journey, local plumbing companies must ensure all the basic information is filled out in the Google Business Profile dashboard. This will assist with boosting your local SEO performance and will help Google’s algorithm determine where your business is and how relevant it is to a potential customer. If customers report you are not open when you say you are, your listing could fall in relevance.

Customers will also appreciate knowing when they can reach you. If you offer on-call services, make sure you note that on your Google listing. Every piece of information you put out is a chance to win over a customer.

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2. Engage with Customers on Google by Responding to Reviews and Building Your Online Reputation

When you have a Google Business Profile listing, you will likely get reviews from customers that have used your plumbing services in the past. To maintain and boost your online reputation, it is paramount that you respond to those reviews. This shows that you are engaged with your customers. Remember, remain positive when responding to reviews.

Top 3 Google Business Profile SEO Tips for Plumbers

Responding to reviews does not only help your SEO performance. It supports you with understanding how local homeowners perceive your work and what they are saying about it. This gives you the opportunity to humanize your business to future customers.

3. Upload Photos and Videos

If you are a licensed plumber, do not underestimate the value of pictures and videos on your Google listing. Publish as many photos as you can. Make sure the ones you put up are high-quality and clear. This will give people an indication of how you present yourself and what your work looks like.

Videos can be a powerful marketing tool as well. For younger people, videos can bring more attention and be more popular than photos. Make sure that they are uploaded in a format that is friendly on computers and smartphones. If you want to know how good of a job you are doing, you can get a site audit to learn more about the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

If you’re ready to get the best results from your website and Google Business Profile listing, you need professional help. The team of marketing specialists at Youtech can help keep you ahead of your competition. Contact our team to get started with improving your marketing today.

It is essential to ensure that your business is listed on Google search and Google Maps. You need to claim your location. One of the key measures that the algorithm looks at to place your business is proximity and prominence. If Google does not know where you are, you are never going to rank high.

Make sure that all of the displayed information is correct and matches. If there is any confusion, such as conflicting locations or hours of operation, your listing may suffer. The right team on your side can help you achieve anything. When it comes to marketing and SEO that matters, all you need is the staff of marketing strategists at Youtech. If you want to set up your appointment, contact us to learn more about our local SEO plumbing services and strategies.

Top 3 Google Business Profile SEO Tips for Plumbers

SEO and Digital Marketing Services for Local Plumbers

Plumbing marketing is dependent on local SEO practices. People don’t care about a plumber who lives a thousand miles away. They want a plumber close by. When people use keywords in Google like “near me” and “plumbing [insert city],” they are ready to pay for plumbing services.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is and will remain one of the key aspects of doing business in the modern world. There is no escaping the power of the internet. Make sure that you have marketers that understand the complexity of plumbing and home service marketing strategies.

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